Karin Trenkel – Schöne Aussichten

Book coverKarin Trenkel РSch̦ne Aussichten
Book coverKarin Trenkel РSch̦ne Aussichten
Book coverKarin Trenkel РSch̦ne Aussichten
Book coverKarin Trenkel РSch̦ne Aussichten

This is a brilliantly realized paper fest, more like paper art. It’s the series of glued-together stapled pamphlets that secures its unity, though there’s also the surprise at the end in the form of a small pop-up. The binding makes particularly ingenious use of staples and glue. Indeed, that was the only way to do it… With this colour palette and the rhythm it engenders there simply had to be staples. In all its simplicity the book, which comes in a slip case, has been put together with enormous care. Despite its overarching unity there is always something new to discover. In the digital era the intimacy that Schöne Aussichten radiates is surprising and most endearing. The choice of paper colours is superb, and it is they that really make the book. Also deserving a compliment is the photographer of the collages. The panel are in no doubt that the project coordinator must have come close to a nervous breakdown.

Edition: 2016
Language: English, German, Dutch
Publisher: Karin Trenkel, Rotterdam
Graphic designer: High Rise, Rotterdam (Daphne Heemskerk)
Lithographer: Tripiti, Rotterdam
Printer: Tripiti, Rotterdam
Binder: Binderij Kiel, Schiedam, Karin Trenkel, Rotterdam
Size book block (w x h x d in mm): 205 x 297 x 18
Number of pages: 142 p.
Print run: 300
Price: € 65
ISBN: 978 90 824562 0 2
Font and foundry: Neue Haas Grotesk (Linotype), Minion (Linotype)
Binding style: six stapled pamphlets, each with its own cover, and four card folders, all glued together, in an unprinted cardboard slip case
Material: 135gsm Profibulk 1.1, 135gsm Heaven 42 Softmatt Absolute White, 115gsm Circle Silk, 120gsm Fluweel 1.5, 60gsm Maxioffset, 80gsm Formosa Blu, 140gsm Formosa Verde, 285gsm Stardream Silver (interior), Colourwell De Luxe dark green 13 (front and backside), 250gsm Formosain in 9 colours (covers), 350gsm Crush Almond (slip case)