Tishani Doshi


A World Poem | Typotheque Specimen #18

Book coverHere
Edition: 2021
Release date: June 2021
Language: 162 Languages
Translator: 175 translators
Final editor: Peter Biľak, Atelier Carvalho Bernau
Publisher / commissioner: Typotheque VOF, Den Haag
Available through: Bookshop, webshop
Designer: Atelier Carvalho Bernau (Den Haag)
Printer: Drukkerij Tielen, Boxtel
Binder: Benelux Boekbinders, Alphen
DTP / typesetting: Atelier Carvalho Bernau, Den Haag
Dimensions: 114 × 198 × 31
Amount of pages: 560
Number of copies: 2500
Price: € 18
Font and foundry: November, Lava, Irma and more than 4000 other fonts from Typotheque, covering 21 writing systems
Binding style: Perfect-bound, cold-glued
Paper interior: Schleipen Fly, Papierfabrik Schleipen (DE)
Cover material: Fedrigoni Sirio Color, Fedrigoni
Other technical features: Each print signature is printed in different permutations of 12 Pantone inks; images are separated into duotones; the cover printed with silver ink on blue carton and foil-blocking with holographic effect.The book was programmatically generated in InDesign from a database with 14000 items. The program was written by Ariel Walden, Bookraft Solutions LLC (Israel). The translation of the 420 words of the poem into 162 languages was done by 175 volunteers on Twitter. The software for this was written by Lizzie Malcolm and Dan Powers, Rectangle (Scotland).