Yael Davids

Dying is a solo

Edition: 2018
Release date: January 2018
Language: Engels
Artist: Yael Davids
Publisher / commissioner: Roma Publications, Amsterdam
Available through: Webshop
Designer: Mevis & Van Deursen (Amsterdam)
Printer: Drukkerij Tienkamp, Groningen
Producer: Lotte Schröder
Dimensions: 230 x 300 x 11 mm
Amount of pages: 156
Retail price in euros: € 24
ISBN: 9789492811097
Font and foundry: Univers 65, Univers 66, Adobe Courier 10 Pitch Berthold
Binding style: Stapled Swiss binding
Paper interior: 100gsm Milk, 115gsm Tatami white, 80gsm Soll Gloss, Fedrigoni, Igepa