Karianne Bueno

Doug’s Cabin

Edition: 2019
Release date: March 2019
Language: English
Translator: Rosie Heinrich
Final editor: PutGootink
Picture editor: Ellen Sanders
Illustrator: Medy Oberendorff
Photographer: Karianne Bueno
Artist: Karianne Bueno
Publisher / commissioner: The Eriskay Connection, Breda
Available through: Webshop
Designer: PutGootink (Amsterdam)
Lithographer: Marc Gijzen, Voorburg
Printer: Zwaan Lenoir, Wormerveer
Binder: Stronkhorst, Groningen
Producer: Printing Matters, Amsterdam
Dimensions: 190x300x14
Amount of pages: 192
Number of copies: 700
Retail price in euros: € 40
ISBN: 978-94-92051-43-1
Font and foundry: Circular (lineto), Caslon (Adobe)
Paper interior: 120gsm Pergraphica Classic Rough, Paper Union
Paper end papers: 60gsm Druckfix 2000, Paper Union
Cover material: 270gsm Environment Wrought Iron, Neenah