Anne Geene & Arjan de Nooy – Dodonaei

Once again photographers Geene and de Nooy have in their own uniquely particular way been going about what they call ‘reclassifying’. This time they’ve been reordering – as a tribute to the sixteenth-century botanist Rembert Dodoens – the Dodonaea genus of plants named after him by Linnaeus.

Using photographic collages the plants are here again, by way of illustration, regrafted. In essence this curious method of classification is tremendously interesting, though you will be hard put to it to find a scientific basis for it. The use of the Risograph process for the printing is a deliberate choice: the result is not razor-sharp, but it means that this agreeable little work plays games with our expectations, making us look at this alternative herbarium with more deliberate awareness. The various well-chosen and emphatically uncoated but tinted papers enhance the organic, botanical atmosphere.



Self-published in a print run of 100, Dodonaei was not available from bookshops. It is now not available anywhere.


Edition: 2017
Language: English
Publisher / commissioner: Anne Geene & Arjan de Nooy, Den Haag
Designer: Jeremy Jansen, Amsterdam
Lithographer: Jeremy Jansen, Amsterdam
Printer: Jeremy Jansen, Amsterdam (using a RISO RZ 970 printer)
Binder: Hennink, Amsterdam
Dimensions: 180 x 260 x 6
Amount of pages: 72 p.
Number of copies: 100
Retail price in euros: € 30
ISBN: none
Font and foundry: Larish Alte, Larish Neue (RP Digital Type Foundry)
Binding style: unsewn soft cover
Material: 100gsm Muskat Brown (Igepa), 90gsm EOS 2.0 (Igepa), 60gsm IBO One (Igepa) (interior), 290gsm Muskat Brown (Igepa) (cover)