Amsterdam. Amsterdam.

Een beeld van een stad in 150 jaar fotografie / A city in pictures over 150 years of photography

Book coverAmsterdam. Amsterdam.
Book coverAmsterdam. Amsterdam.
Book coverAmsterdam. Amsterdam.
Book coverAmsterdam. Amsterdam.

It’s not every day we receive a posthumous design project, a fact that immediately aroused interest in this formidable photo book. Anthon Beeke designed Amsterdam. Amsterdam. more than thirty years ago. Throughout those years, the design lay dormant in a cardboard box. It was not until 2022 – almost four years after Beeke’s death – that it saw the light of day. ‘Too anarchic’, was apparently Beeke’s explanation for publisher Bert Bakker cancelling the project. In 2023, this ode to the Dutch capital made a somewhat traditional impression on the jury, but so well done that this becomes a positive. The selection of photos is extremely strong, the rhythm driving and dynamic. Each spread is bursting with life and movement. The typography is pleasantly reserved: the pictures are the stars of the show. The red on the cover evokes associations with the activism of the city, and the photo that runs across both front and back boards stresses well what this book is all about: not so much the city itself, but rather its inhabitants. A nice, slightly recalcitrant touch is the placing of the title not on the front of the book but on the back, embossed with foil. The printing is marvellously done and, thanks in part to the uncoated paper, the nuances stand out well. A nice big, heavy object that impresses and has the potential to appeal to a wide readership.

Edition: 2022
Date of publication: June 2022
Author: Anthon Beeke (†), Henk Raaff, Geert Mak, Rik Suermondt, Sacha Happée
Language: Dutch, English
Translator: Martin Cleaver
Final editor: Jan de Loor
Image editor: Anthon Beeke (†), Mariola López Mariño, Henk Raaff, Sacha Happée, Rik Suermondt
Artist: Anthon Beeke
Publisher: Koninklijke Kampert en Helm Rotaform B.V., Lelystad
Available through: Bookshop, webshop
Graphic designer: Anthon Beeke (†) (Amsterdam), Mariola López Mariňo (Amsterdam)
Lithographer: robstolk®, Leo Erken, Amsterdam, Amsterdam
Printer: robstolk®, Amsterdam
Binder: Buchbinderei Terbeck, Coesfeld (DE)
Size book block (w x h x d in mm): 245 x 315 x 34 mm
Number of pages: 388
Print run: 3000
Price: € 60
ISBN: 978-90-9034747-9
Font and foundry: Macklin™ (Fontshop), Marcin Slab (Felicianotype), Bebas Neue (Fontfabric)
Binding style: Sewn hardcover with flat spine over 2.5 mm greyboard, cold-glued, orange headbands
Paper for interior (grammage): 120gsm Arcoprint Milk 1.5, Fedrigoni
Endpapers (grammage): 116gsm TANT F-53, Takeo
Material cover (grammage): 116gsm TANT F-54, Takeo
Special features: Band printed in opaque white, black and Pantone 404 (grey), white foil on back cover (KURZ Colorit 911) (Buchbinderei Terbeck, Coesfeld (DE)), endpapers printed in black, Pantone 404 (grey) and opaque white, interior printed in black, Pantone 404 (grey) and Pantone 1395 (brown orange)