“˜Just in Time!’ Proposal for Municipal Art Acquisitions

Book cover“˜Just in Time!’ Proposal for Municipal Art Acquisitions

Just In Time is an industrial principle based on the idea of getting the right part to the right place at the right time: not too early or too late but just in time. The key concepts are need and efficiency.


Ask artists about this principle and you will get many answers. To them, necessity is in the workaround, the mistake, the unexpected. This selection of artworks is about artists’ own interpretation of what is necessary.

The catalogue gives an account of the participating artists’ quest and, at least equally, the quest undertaken by curator Maxine Kopsa. The book opens with fifteen brightly coloured flyers that at the same time served as invitations to the exhibition. They have been augmented with interviews, quotations and essays that all take the reader back to the concept of necessity. The end product is a publication of little permanence: in short, it is pamphlet-like. Aesthetics is not – yet – important, whereas content is. Necessary? No. Unexpected and new? Certainly!

Edition: 2006
Language: English, Dutch
Final editor: Maxine Kopsa
Publisher: Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam
Graphic designer: Will Holder
Lithographer: robstolk, Amsterdam
Printer: robstolk, Amsterdam, printed in waterless offset
Binder: Patist, Den Dolder
Size book block (w x h x d in mm): 210 x 297 x 7
Number of pages: 120 p.
Print run: 1,000
Price: € 10
ISBN: 978 90 5006 333 3
Font and foundry: Hudson
Binding style: bound by centre stitching
Material: 80gsm Fashion printed in sixteen different colours, 80gsm and 90gsm Profijt, 90gsm and 115gsm Royal Print (interior), 240gsm Officio ivory (cover printed on one side by Extrapool, Nijmegen)